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Together, we can improve the quality of both social care and education for all within our communities.

I am now retired but retain a keen interest in both the effectiveness of social care and the value of education for learners of all ages. I spent over 40 years working in different areas of education and, in retirement, I cared for my ailing wife until her untimely death. My studies and experiences have increased my belief in the importance of both these topics for improving living standards within modern communities.

Social Care – Pages

  1. A Brief Manifesto for Carers https://improvingcareand.education/home/brief-manifesto-for-carers/
  2. Who Cares for Carers? https://improvingcareand.education/home/who-cares-for-carers/
  3. Giving Carers a True Voice https://improvingcareand.education/home/giving-carers-a-true-voice/
  4. Less “Warm Words” – Let’s have Genuinely Positive Action https://improvingcareand.education/home/genuinely-positive-action/
  5. Better Planning https://improvingcareand.education/home/better-planning/
  6. Good Practices: Ten Things to be Getting On With? https://improvingcareand.education/home/ten-things-to-consider/
  7. Good Practices: Collaborative Inputs from Professionals https://improvingcareand.education/home/professional-inputs/
  8. Good Practices: Good Mental Health among Carers https://improvingcareand.education/home/good-mental-health/
  9. Good Practices: Contributions from Voluntary Care and Support Groups within Local Communities https://improvingcareand.education/home/voluntary-care-and-support-groups/
  10. Good Practices: Mindfulness – How Might It Meet Your Needs? https://improvingcareand.education/home/mindfulness/

Social Care – Posts

  1. How can Support for Carers be Improved? https://improvingcareand.education/2021/03/08/supporting-caregivers/
  2. Evaluating the Quality of Carer Support Plans and Statements https://improvingcareand.education/2021/03/24/high-quality-planning/

Education for All – Pages

  1. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “How Meaningful is Your Curriculum?” https://improvingcareand.education/home/overview-curriculum/
  2. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “In Praise of Inspirational Teachers” https://improvingcareand.education/home/talented-teachers/
  3. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “Promoting Authentic Learning” https://improvingcareand.education/home/overview-of-promoting-authentic-learning/
  4. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “Leadership in Education” https://improvingcareand.education/home/overview-of-leadership-in-education/
  5. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “Assessment” https://improvingcareand.education/home/overview-of-assessment/
  6. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “Potential, Attainments and Achievements” https://improvingcareand.education/home/overview-of-raising-potential-attainments-achievements/
  7. Inclusion and Equity in Education: Key Principles and Characteristics https://improvingcareand.education/home/inclusion-and-equity-in-education-key-principles-and-characteristics/
  8. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “Social Deprivation and Education” https://improvingcareand.education/home/overview-of-social-deprivation-and-education/
  9. Education Really Matters: An Overview of “Saving the planet … and beyond” https://improvingcareand.education/home/overview-of-saving-the-planet/

Education for All – Posts

  1. Education Really Matters: How Meaningful is Your Curriculum? https://improvingcareand.education/2021/03/05/meaningful-curriculum/
  2. Education Really Matters: In Praise of Inspirational Teachers https://improvingcareand.education/2021/03/12/inspirational-teachers/
  3. Education Really Matters: Promoting Authentic Learning https://improvingcare.education/2021/04/18/authentic-learning/
  4. Education Really Matters: Leadership in Education https://improvingcareand.education/2021/05/03/leadership-in-education/
  5. Education Really Matters: Assessment https://improvingcareand.education/2021/05/13/assessment/
  6. Education Really Matters: Potential, Attainments and Achievements https://improvingcareand.education/2021/06/01/raising-potential-attainments-and-achievements/
  7. Education Really Matters: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion https://improvingcareand.education/2021/07/11/diversity-equity-inclusion/
  8. Education Really Matters: Social Deprivation and Education https://improvingcareand.education/2021/09/17/social-deprivation-and-education/
  9. Education Really Matters: Saving the planet … and beyond https://improvingcareand.education/2021/10/22/saving-the-planet-and-beyond/