Education Really Matters: Overview of “Promoting Authentic Learning”

Promoting authentic learning styles across all sectors of society is an immense challenge which every nation should welcome and champion. Embracing a learning culture which is value-based encourages the acquisition of useful knowledge, in-depth understanding and an array of transferrable skills for everyday living in a changing world.

Students of all ages deserve to experience meaningful and relevant learning. However, there are times when formal approaches to learning or prescribed curricular courses can be too formulaic and appear to be detached from students’ needs. This overview summaries aspects of an article which examines how high-quality learning can be fostered.

Building a culture of love for learning

 Authentic learning is an essential feature of both personal and social development. It is multi-faceted in the sense that it can be encountered and enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. When truly experienced, it fuels motivation, comprehension, giftedness, worthwhile skills and an all-embracing drive towards further improvements in communal living. Parents, guardians and teachers have key roles to undertake in boosting and maintaining a culture of love for learning.      

Engagement and ownership

Through participation in purposeful learning, students avoid the dangers of apathy and boredom. They come to understand and appreciate the value of their engagement in activities aimed at the development of cognitive, emotional and practical abilities. They welcome ownership of and take responsibility for their own progress. A key characteristic of this process is its focus on genuine involvement in making profitable steps towards planned targets and achievements. Moreover, ‘digital empowerment’ opens up exciting opportunities for learners of all ages. Technological innovations relating to online, hybrid and blended learning have introduced significant prospects for efficacious and self-directed learning.

Curiosity, creativity, problem-solving

Successful learning enhances active and creative mindsets, confidence to move forward, and feelings of self-worth. It enables learners to show indifference to ‘inert ideas’ and to concentrate on gaining useful, well-founded knowledge and practical skills. Through adopting this way of thinking, students gain expertise in exploratory tactics and problem-solving strategies relating to real-life situations.

The joys of investigation, discovery and verification

Advances in knowledge must go far beyond the mere acquisition of facts and information. An emphasis on investigative and discovery methods, when appropriately designed, can be very helpful in deepening learners’ understanding. How can such approaches be best utilised within today’s many demands on teaching practices?

For consideration:

In today’s packed timetables, there must still be room for learners of all ages to experience the pleasures of originality, imaginative thinking, discovery and participation in both independent and cooperative investigations. ‘The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know’ is one of Aristotle’s well-known quotations. Perhaps, you might wish to add ‘and the more you want to know.’

Learning across the curriculum

Effective learning practices can extend across a wide variety of curricular programmes. Despite many praiseworthy tutoring procedures already in place, this commendable objective requires further research to identify the most fruitful ways to capitalise on joined-up pedagogy. In the main  article relating to this overview, an example is briefly offered to illustrate how learning in one curricular area is also applicable in other areas. 

Concluding comments

The final section of the article attempts to summarise the immense benefits to be acquired at both individual and national levels through the implementation of constructive learning styles. It also outlines key attributes of authentic learning for children, adolescents and adults regardless of their ages, abilities or social backgrounds.


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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. (Benjamin Franklin)