About This Website

The rationale for publishing this website is to contribute towards the overall improvement of both social care and education for all.

Improving Social Care and Education for All

Social care (or if one prefers the term, caregiving) and education for all (alternatively referred to as inclusive education) are widely recognised as communal features of great importance. On examination, it is clear that both topics, while distinct, have much in common. Both relate to the overall quality of everyday living including personal and social happiness, health and wellbeing, and the establishment and maintenance of a compassionate society at peace with itself.

On this website I intend to create two sets of articles which deal respectively with caregiving and inclusive education. Both areas are complex and deserve to be studied closely. There will be some overlap in terms of content. I hope to raise relevant points for scrutiny and also to include potential solutions towards overcoming deficiencies in provision.

With regard to social care, I wish to cover subjects such as listening to the views of caregivers, collaborative planning to meet their needs, and aspects of good practice. Items dealing with education for all will consider a wide range of topics, for example, curricular development, learning and teaching, assessment and attainment, mental health, and so forth. In doing so, I do not pretend to be an expert nor do I wish to be dogmatic or opinionated. Nonetheless, I believe change and improvements are urgently needed and that public involvement should play a key role in this process. Positive changes will only occur if active minds address current failings and build on good practices.

The views and opinions expressed in my posts and pages are simply that – views and opinions. They are not intended in any way as legislative statements/interpretations or official advice. A key aim is to ask questions about the current state of affairs and to offer suggestions as to how potential advances could be implemented. Change is urgently needed in order to ensure that relevant and meaningful provision and services are available to all. I can see no reason as to why considerable improvements cannot be easily achieved if there is a willingness in communities to do so.

And through our efforts, may everything come up roses!