Introducing Myself

A brief outline of my interests with regard to both social care and education for all.

Improving Social Care and Education for All

I am creating this website because I consider social care and education for all to be very important features of modern living and feel that they are often neglected. I wish to share my thoughts and feeling on these topics with all concerned stakeholders. In doing so, I do not pretend to be an expert nor do I wish to be dogmatic or opinionated. Nonetheless, I believe that both topics require a great deal of attention, development and improvement. Positive changes will only occur if active minds address current failings and build on good practices.

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I am now retired. However, I was fortunate enough to spend over 40 years working in various roles in education. I also have worked as a caregiver for over 10 years. I have studied many policies and observed a wide range of practices in both areas. In my opinion, their quality has been variable across a spectrum ranging from very poor to extremely good. I see no reason as to why considerable improvements cannot be easily achieved if there is a willingness in communities to do so.

The views and opinions expressed in my posts and pages are simply that – views and opinions. They are not intended as legislative statements/interpretations or official advice. A key aim is to ask questions about current practices and to offer suggestions as to how potential improvements could be implemented. Change is urgently needed in order to ensure that relevant and meaningful provision and services are available to all.